Hammocking since 1990

INCA Hammocks is founded on the belief that our products should be both beautiful and functional. We began in the 1990s with the challenge of creating a cork hammock with a substantially longer lifespan than cotton.

Our products are made with close attention to design detail, and engineered with robust performance characteristics that provide resistance to fading and degradation from sunlight and chemical exposure. The products is tactile yet durable, has industry-leading environmental characteristics, is easy to care for and offers long life – wherever it’s used.

Each unit of INCA’s hammock is a product of a global support team committed to producing only the most exceptional products you can buy.

The INCA difference


We have continuously been committed towards enhancing our capabilities in manufacturing and in creating designs for all age groups as well as regions – making us a global leader in manufacturing.

Inca Hammocks
Inca Hammocks Manufacturer


We at Inca set the bar only to be push ourselves harder. Under the stellar leadership of Mr. Bhatt, every process, employee and department is streamlined to uphold unmatched standards of quality and create a personalised experience second to none.


The Inca design team brings together vibrant and diverse industry experience to offer unique products that meet the changing needs and requirements, maintaining the highest quality standards in every sphere of construction.

Inca Hammocks Manufacturer

Story of INCA

The company was founded on an idea and desire to make something unique, by using the locally available talent and resources, on a very large scale.

On a chance drive down the coromandal coast towards Pondicherry, Mr. Bhatt came across a few village artisans making hammocks out of rope. At about the same time a company from USA contacted him with an enquiry for rope hammocks. These two chance encounters led Mr. D.S. Bhatt to firmly believe that hammocks are his destiny. He thus embarked on the journey of making hammocks. He targeted the USA market through his first contact. The technique of making hammocks was improvised over the months with specific reference to quality and safety and once the initial sample was approved there was no looking back. Order volumes started increasing along with the models, varieties, designs and applications. Manpower and infrastructure also grew alongside. Thus was born INCA Hammocks, manufacturers of hand crafted rope and fabric hammocks and swings. It started off as a very small unit employing 11 workers including Mr. Bhatt and Mrs. Bhatt themselves.

The company is headquartered in Vandalur, Chennai and currently employs 150 people, 75% of which are women. INCA strongly believes in empowerment of women and in promoting employment opportunities for urban and rural womenfolk. The prime example of this tradition is the adoption of Koothambakkam village and Marudadu and providing employment to 60 rural women in the both villages.

The company has come a long way since 1990, and during the course of the last 30 years, as a result of the commitment and passion towards the product, the hammock evolved into a multi-type and multi-design product with improvements continually being made in strength of the rope and safety of the hanging chains. The stand design was perfected giving customers various options to choose from, and continually evolving.

From humble turnover of US$ 24,000 in 1990, INCA now stands on the threshold of breaking the US$ 12 million export turnover barrier again in 2010. It has won highest in its category export award from government of India for 15 consecutive years.

As a part of strengthening the production capabilities and modernizing the production process and workflows the management embarked on a factory project in Vandalur, Chennai, at a cost of US$ 2.22 millions. All the metal components of the hammock and swing stands are now being fabricated and powder coated in this unit.

In 2012, INCA partnered with a small manufacturing unit in Puducherry making Brazilian and Mexican style hammocks and swings. These styles now compliment and complete INCA’s product portfolio. INCA with its marketing strength aims to make this a US$ 2 million company within the next 10 years.