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The Macrame hammock swing chair is a chic bohemian design which is hand-woven and adds a touch of glam and style wherever it is hung!

The macrame swing net chair can be used as a light cradle and swing reading chair or relaxing meditation chair. This swing allows you to nestle into a cosy “cocoon” while reading — Listen to the sound of rain, crickets, birds chirping, or a quiet night of stargazing.

This hammock is a great addition to your home, bedroom, sunroom, kid’s room, living room, and more. It is extremely portable and can be carried around easily where ever you go.

This can also be produced in Polyester for outdoor use and is available in various colours.

Product Information

Reference Number MAC-S
Bed Length 81 centimeters | 32 inches
Bed Width centimeters | inches
Overall Length 130 centimeters | 51 inches
Weight Capacity 104 kilograms | 230 pounds

Product Characteristics

100% cotton

The long fibres of our cotton fabrics make them extra soft and durable, allowing colours shine brightly. High-quality cotton with long fibres: soft to the touch, lint-free, durable, and easy to clean.


Weaves are an integral part of our business. Be it on, with rope or fabric. Intricate, meticulously crafted weave with or without fringes, each of our hammock designs can get unique

Suspension cords

Using more suspension ropes gives the INCA’s products a larger surface area to lie on. The weight is being distributed better along the ropes which results in optimal relaxing