INCA Hammocks is an operation built from the ground up, standing as a full-fledged manufacturing company today. Our manufacturing process has been perfected over the last 29 years and is now top-notch from stem to stern. Right from the wide variety of our fabrics, colours, and stitching designs to our unique production methods and a dedicated team, your needs will be taken care of, rest assured. We offer an unmatched commitment to quality and a personalized experience second to none.

Here at INCA Hammocks, we are a family.

Come experience what true relaxation feels like.

With INCA Hammocks, your worries are goin’ for a snooze!


Our inventory currently consists of 200,000 meters of fabric, stored in a built-up area of over 10,000 square feet. The entire stock is categorized neatly according to the materials, colours, and patterns of our fabrics. We deal with a wide range of materials such as cotton, polyester, parachute nylon, polypropylene, textelene (poolside fabric), sunbrella, and many other rare fabrics which sets us apart from the rest.


Cutting is centralised for all our factories and is handled by our highly-experienced professionals. We have two large size cutting tables with a length of 14 meters. And the “cutting masters”, as we call them, are a big reason for our incredible production capacity. We’re currently able to tackle 16,000 meters of fabric a day!

yarn to rope

All the rope used in our products is manufactured directly by us. We have eight automated machines that help us maintain the INCA standard cords. We currently manufacture ropes in more than 6 colours in polyester and 2 colours in cotton.

rope hammocks

Our rope hammocks, the first products we ever sold, are a source of great pride for us. In the last 29 years, we have been improving upon the traditional methods of making rope hammocks. This has enabled us to offer you the best price and become market leaders. Our rope division currently employs 100 weavers that are responsible for the process of knitting, the bar assembly area, and the making of various hammock chairs. A majority of them have been a part of our family since the inception of the company.


This sewing section of our company encompasses over 70 trained and qualified tailors that handcraft the final products with a complete finesse. The sewing line produces close to 3000 camping hammocks a day apart from other product styles. The sewing line has an umbrella of machines which include: single needle, double needle, triple needle, bartack, and seam sealing.

quilting process

The weatherproof hammocks and swings are produced by this division; we have two multi-needle quilting machines that currently help with our operations. We know of no other producer that currently matches their threads with their hammocks or offers 500 stitching designs!

quality inspection

Quality, Quality, Quality Captain! This is a division that has ensured seamless quality of our products for many years. We have a strong quality policy:

  • To prioritize quality of our products by ensuring that raw materials comply with our specifications and instituting quality control at every step of the manufacturing process.
  • To review and update our quality control procedures and systems and undertake remedial actions to improve quality as a continuous endeavour.
  • To periodically validate the specifications of our products.
  • To enhance the expertise of our employees through periodic training.

metal workshop

The metal workshop, also known as our engineering unit, caters and designs customer-specific hammock stands. We can manufacture all types of stands in the industry. We are one of the oldest hammock stand manufacturers and work with the heaviest gauge steel metal there is!

powder coating

We have a completely automated powder coating line that is programmed to match our products and has the capacity to paint as much as 700 Tri-Beam Stands a day! Our head of the paint shop is prepared for all challenges and ready to fulfill the colour needs of every customer.

packaging area

This spreads over 7,500 square feet and follows the North-American CTPAT regulations. We have a designated packaging team that helps us with the daily packaging of our products. This area is coated with an epoxy floor, thus ensuring our products are dust-free!